About Marcelo X

This website is here for preservation purposes only. It is not going to be updated any further. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day.

My Wife - Proofreading and Typing
The Collector - Sprites and Information
shane613 - Sprite Transparencies
Grond - Sprites
Shiva Indis - Scans
Scumdogg - custom WarMECH art
Dragonsbrethren - Save State
Luis Contreras - Beta Scans

The pictures on this site were acquired in many ways, which include auctions, other sites and taking the pictures myself.  I've been working on this site for so long that I can't remember the source of most of the pictures, so if you feel that I've taken some of your pictures and would like credit for it, please contact me with the link to the section of your site that contains the information.  If I believe that you are the source, then I will credit you here.

This site does NOT intend to break any copyright laws, it is merely an information site.  Do NOT use anything you find on this site to assist in illegal activities, such as bootlegging.  In fact, as a big supporter of Square, I take personal offense to anyone that participates in the illegal distribution or purchase of any Final Fantasy item.  They are magnificent pieces of work and EVERYONE that plays a Final Fantasy should purchase it, Square deserves every penny for every Final Fantasy they make.

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