Final Fantasy III

そのグルガンぞくのおとこは しずかにかたった・・・・
このだいじしんでさえも たんなるよちょうにすぎぬと。
せかいの ひかりのみなもとである クリスタルを
ちちゅうふかくひきずりこみ まものをうみだした
おおきなふるえさえも これからおとずれるものに
くらべれば ちっぽけなものである。
それはとてつもなく おおきく ふかく くらく
だが きぼうはまだ うしなわれてはいない。
4つのたましいが ひかりに けいじをうけるであろう。
そこから すべてがはじまり・・・・

4にんの しょうねんたちは みなしごで
へんきょうのむらウルの そうりょトパパに そだてられた。
だいじしんで クリスタルがちちゅうにしずみ
そこにできた どうくつへとやってきた。
4にんは たんけんきぶん。
ちょっとした どきょうだめしのつもりだった・・・・

The Gulgan thus prophesied:
"The earthquake was only the beginning.
The great tremors that swallowed the crystals,
the light of our world, only to spawn monsters
from the depths of the scarred land,
are nothing but harbingers
of what has yet to come.
Something is coming...fathomless, ominous,
and full of sorrow...
But hope is not yet lost.
Four souls will be blessed with light,
and so it shall begin..."

Family Computer

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Japanese Release Date - April 27, 1990

WonderSwan Color

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Japanese Release Date - Cancelled

Dual Screen

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Japanese Release Date - August 24, 2006
United States Release Date - November 14, 2006

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* Originally the last dungeon had a save point in the middle of it, but it was taken out because an employee complained that it made it too easy.
* Moogles made their first appearance in this game.
* This is the first game to have summon magic.
* The WonderSwan Color version was not released due to the limited amount of data the WonderSwan Color could handle.
* Bandai was interested in releasing the WonderSwan Color version after Square decided to not release it.
* Nintendo originally wanted the remake for the Game Boy Advance, but Square had too many things going on at that time.
* Square intended on making a PlayStation 2 version until they started working on the Dual Screen remake.