Final Fantasy VIII
Triple Triad
のカード ゲーム
Chocobo World
ファイナルファンタジーVIII デスクトップアクセサリーズ



At the forefront of a rising tide of
violence brought on by Galbadia's war
declaration is a SeeD cadet named
Squall Leonhart. Serious to a fault,
Squall has earned himself the
reputation of being a lone wolf.
A chance encounter with the free-
spirited Rinoa Heartilly, however,
turns his universe upside down.
Having thrived on discipline, Squall
finds Rinoa's carefree attitude
fascinating. Yet there is no time to
ponder these thoughts, for the job of
dealing with the sorceress behind
Galbadia's irrational hostility has
fallen to SeeD and Squall.

PlayStation / PocketStation

Screen Shots

Japanese Contents
Japanese Cds
Japanese Alternate Cover
United States Contents
Greatest Hits Re-release Cover
Greatest Hits Re-release Contents
Ultimate Hits Front Cover
Ultimate Hits Back Cover

Japanese Release Date - February 11, 1999
United States Release Date - September 7, 1999

Personal Computer

Screen Shots

Japanese Case
Japanese Case (Inside)
Japanese Contents
United States Cover
United States (Inside 1)
United States (Inside 2)
United States Back
Box Version Contents
Box Version (Back)
RV Case
RV Contents

Japanese Release Date - March 23, 2000
United States Release Date - January 25, 2000

Personal Computer

Screen Shots

Alternate Front
Alternate Inside
Alternate Back

Japanese Release Date - September 22, 1999

PlayStation 2 Demonstration

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Additional Screen Shot


* Support for the pocket station was left in the USA release, even though the pocket station was never released in the North America.
* A PlayStation 2 version with improved graphics and sound was planned, but it was eventually cancelled.
* The PS2 Demonstration was created to show how the in-game graphics of the PlayStation 2 can compare to
a FMV from Final Fantasy VIII.