Final Fantasy Adventure

ファイナルファンタジー外伝 聖剣伝説
Sword of Mana

新約 聖剣伝説 しんやく せいけんでんせつ

聖剣伝説 エクスカリバーの出現

Tree of Mana grows
with the energy of
will from each and
every thing of
this world.

It grows high
above the clouds
in the air on top
of Mount Illusia.

Legend tells that
it gives eternal
power to the one
who touched it.

Dark Lord was
trying to find
the way to the
Tree of Mana to
get the mighty
power to conquer
the world.

Family Computer Disk System

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Japanese Release Date - Cancelled

Game Boy

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Japanese Contents
Japanese Box (Back)
United States Box (Front)
United States Box (Back)
United States Contents
Sunsoft Re-release Contents

Japanese Release Date - June 8, 1991
United States Release Date - November 1, 1991

Game Boy Advance

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Japanese Box (Back)
United States Contents (Front)
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Mana Blue Edition Contents

Japanese Release Date - August 29, 2003
United States Release Date - December 1, 2003

vodafone live!

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Japanese Release Date - August 16, 2006

vodafone live! (Beta)

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* A common false belief is that this game is not a Final Fantasy game because in Japan it is called Seiken Densetsu, but the full title of the Japanese version is Final Fantasy Gaiden - Seiken Densetsu, making this game a true Final Fantasy Side Quest.
* The sequel to this game dropped Final Fantasy Gaiden from it's title to make it a separate series.
* In the USA the sequel to this game is called Secret of Mana, but it's original title was Final Fantasy Adventure II until a last minute change.
* The original game was re-released by Sunsoft
* A remake of a Seiken Densetsu game was planned for WonderSwan Color, most likely Seiken Densetsu 2, but it was cancelled.
* Seiken Densetsu: The Emergence of Excalibur was planned to be on 5 disks.
* The vodafone live! release has a cost of 525 yen (including tax).