Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
ファイナルファンタジーUSA ミスティック クエスト






An old Prophecy says, "The vile
4 will steal the Power, and divide
the World behind 4 doors.
At that time the Knight will
The Prophecy has now come true.
4 monsters have locked the
doors of the Focus Tower and
escaped with the keys.
They're draining the light from
the 4 Crystals of the Earth, and
the World is in chaos. The people
are in desperate need of help.

Super Family Computer

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Screen Shots

Japanese Contents (Front)
Japanese Contents (Back)
United States Contents
United States Back

Japanese Release Date - September 10, 1993
United States Release Date - October 5, 1992

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Beta)

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* Even though this game was made in Japan, it was released in the USA first.
* This was intended as an entry level RPG, so beginners could get some practice before taking on the harder Final Fantasy games.
* The Japanese name is Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest, the USA part of the title was intended on being an insult to the intelligence of people in the United States.