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Final Fantasy VI - Japanese PlayStation    (Price - $30.00)

    Comes with the game CD, game case, instruction manual and spine card.

Trading Cards





Final Fantasy X-2 Official Promotional Poster    (Price - $3.00)

    Given out to people who reserved the game.


Ogopogo Examiner - Secret of Mana 4th Issue    (Price - $7.00)

additional picture

    Ogopogo Examiner / 4th Volume / Secret of Mana Issue - The Official Square Soft Newsletter


The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay Promotional DVD - Unopened    (Price - $1.00)

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    This promotional DVD was given out to people who pre-ordered the game.  This DVD has:
        01. Hint Guide for the game
        02. Walkthrough of a complex level
        03. Trailer for the Chronicles of Riddick
        04. Preview of Pitch Black
        05. Preview of the Chronicles of Riddick Dark Fury
        06. A Butcher Bay Fly-Through, showing you the prison
        07. Background information on Richard B. Riddick ( Vin Diesel )
        08. Explanation of the game's graphic technologies
        09. Weblisting to find everything you need online
        10. etc...

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide
- 1987
    (Price - $1.00)

It covers over 90 of the earliest Nintendo Entertainment System games.  It has 162 pages but unfortunately it's in very below average condition.  Some pages seem somewhat loose, a couple of them are loose and there is some tape holding a few pages together.  Also there are lines on some pages that were drawn with a pen and the stickers in the back are gone.  It's not horrible, but nowhere near mint...

Pocket Power - 1989
    (Price - $2.00)

It is 38 pages.  A small version of Nintendo Power that was specially made as a promotional handout to anyone that went to see the movie The Wizard in the theaters.  It has a different layout than Nintendo Power did back then and it was the first U.S.A. magazine to show Super Mario Bros. 3.  It's condition is below average but the magazine is 15 years old.

Top Secret Passwords Nintendo Player's Guide - 1992
    (Price - $4.00)

It has 160 pages and it is in very good condition.  It covers over 140 Super N.E.S. / N.E.S / GB games.

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