Beta Final Fantasy Games
(This Is Not Intended To Be A Complete List)

Final Fantasy

WonderSwan Color

Beta ------------------- Final

* Differences - The door, bridge, the main character and you can't see the water below the conversation window

* Differences - The doors and windows

* Difference - The bricks on the top of the walls

* Difference - The screen position

* Difference - An object behind the orb 

* Differences - The shape of the land, grass and forest, also the water and temple

* Difference - Crystals are missing

Freedom Of Mobile Multimedia Access 900i

Beta ------------------- Final                    

* Differences - The forest, dock, castle, towns and the concrete floor

* Difference - ZombieD is only fought inside a castle/temple.

* Difference - WarMECH only appears before Tiamat

Final Fantasy II

WonderSwan Color

Beta ------------------- Final

* Differences - The people, floor, fountain, buildings, water, trees, pot and plants

* Difference - The entire menu is different

Final Fantasy IV

Game Boy Advance

Beta ------------------- Final

* Differences - Character portrait, text alignment and periods at the end of the sentence

Final Fantasy VI

Super Family Computer

                                    Beta ------------------- Final

* Differences - Wrong Esper and in the final version you can't get that close to the it

* Differences - Sword attack and character names, plus two of those types of enemies are not in that area

* Difference - The headgear on the guards

*Big thanks to Shiva Indis for providing these scans

Final Fantasy VII


Beta ------------------- Final

* Difference - Improved look

* Difference - Better backgrounds

* Difference - The character's appearance

* Difference - The menu

* Difference - The facial details 

* Difference - The character portraits

* Difference - Below the neon sign

Additional Beta Screenshots

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Beta ------------------- Final

* Difference - Battlefield is not beaten

* Difference - Different layout

* Differences - Mushroom missing in the upper left and a bark is added to the lower right

Additional Beta Screenshot

Final Fantasy Adventure

vodafone live!

Beta ------------------- Final

* Difference - Color of the bricks, also the type of vines on the left and right of the bottom menu

Additional Beta Screenshot

The Final Fantasy Legend

WonderSwan Color

Beta ------------------- Final

* Difference - The beds

* Differences - The main character and placement on the map

* Difference - Boss attacks off the chair

* Difference - Borders of the island

* Difference - View is too far to the right in the beta

* Differences - The doors and townspeople color

* Differences - Bed size and location, plus Inn Keeper location

* Differences - The shadow in the lower left and the flame

* Difference - The color of the knight

* Differences - The buildings and ground damage

* Difference - The logo on lower left building

* Differences - Stripe on the train and window damage

* Difference - Blackness on the lower part

* Differences - Townspeople color and reflection of the tower

* Difference - Text takes up two screens in the non-beta

* Differences - The doors and skeleton color

* Differences - Spacing in the upper left text and townspeople color


* Differences - The color of the floor and location of the finger cursor

* Differences - The floor and boss colors

* Difference - Color differences

* Difference - The background detail

* Difference - The fish detail

* Differences - The background detail and colors

* Difference - The left enemy detail

* Difference - This must be an early beta, the alignment is off

* Difference - The last two menu options are reversed

* Difference - Text in the upper right

* Difference - The クリスタル text is below the garbage can in the beta

* Difference - The line in the upper middle is missing

* Difference - The small box in the upper left is wider in the beta

Additional Beta Screenshots

Final Fantasy XI Online

PlayStation 2/Personal Computer

Beta Winner Notification (USA PlayStation 2)

SUBJECT: PlayOnline & FINAL FANTASY XI Public Beta Test Welcome Letter

Greetings and Congratulations! 

This letter is to notify you that you've been chosen as a confirmed Beta 
Tester to test PlayOnline(TM), FINAL FANTASY(R)XI and Tetra Master(TM) on 
the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system. The Public Beta Test will 
begin in June. A Beta Test kit including the Internal Hard Disk Drive (40GB) 
(for PlayStation(R)2) will be mailed to the address you've provided in the 
coming weeks with detailed instructions. 

Important - Beta Testers 

The HDD shipped for use in the public beta test for PlayOnline, FINAL 
FANTASY XI and Tetra Master is only compatible for use with the PlayOnline, 
FINAL FANTASY XI and Tetra Master beta test software. Use or attempted use 
with any other software or use outside of the beta test may harm or 
interfere with the operation of your PlayStation(R)2 system or other 

Upon conclusion of the Beta Test, Sony Computer Entertainment America 
requires you to return the beta test HDD in the original beta kit box using 
the return-shipping label enclosed in your kit. 

Once Sony Computer Entertainment America receives the beta test HDD unit and 
in appreciation for your participation in the Beta Test, SCEA will send you 
a new consumer HDD unit, free of charge. 

Please reference the Beta Test Handbook for details (inside your Beta Test 
Kit). If you have any questions, please reply to this email address and 
include your full name in your letter. 

Thank you for your continued interest and support of PlayOnline. 

See you online, 

PlayOnline Information Center Team

Beta Winner Notification (USA Personal Computer)

SUBJECT: Welcome to the PlayOnline & FINAL FANTASY XI Beta Test! 

Greetings and Congratulations!

This letter is to notify you that you have been selected as a Beta Tester
for the beta versions of the PlayOnline(TM) Viewer, FINAL FANTASY(R)XI, and
Tetra Master(TM) for Windows(R). The Public Beta Test will begin in July. In
the coming weeks, a Beta Test kit with detailed instructions will be mailed
to the address you provided in your application. Please reference the Beta
Test Handbook in the kit for these instructions.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email address with your full
name at the top of your reply.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of PlayOnline.

See you online !

PlayOnline Information Center

Beta Winner Notification (PAL)


Dear Square Enix Europe Fan, 


As you may know, PlayOnline, Tetra Master and FINAL FANTASY XI have recently been released in North America and are now potentially on their way to Europe. 

Bringing PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI to Europe will involve a great deal of testing to ensure the quality you’ve come to expect from Square Enix Europe titles. Our first step is to test the connectivity to the PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI servers through various ISP services across the European continent. 

Square Enix Europe is interested in learning more about you as a possible participant in this limited closed beta test. 

In order to qualify, you must be at least 13 years of age and be able to read and write English. Should you qualify and be interested in gaining a sneak peek at the North American FINAL FANTASY XI MMORPG while thoroughly testing your Internet connection, please visit: 

To be considered for participation in the closed beta test programme, you must have completed and submitted the online application form no later than Monday, 17 May 2004. 

This invitation is only extended to a select group of fans. Because of the private nature of this application, we ask that you do not forward this e-mail to anyone. Responses from anyone other than the addressed parties will not be accepted. In addition, please submit the application only once. Duplicate applications will be voided and disqualified from the closed beta test. 

We hope you take part in this fun opportunity and look forward to your assistance in possibly bringing PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI to Europe. 

Thank you for your support. 

Square Enix Europe 

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