Capcom Booth

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles


This game was just awful, the headshots barely counted and they amount of shots needed to kill the zombies was too high.  The game is completely on a set path, you have no real control over anything except the gun and angle.  They limited the amount of time you can play to 5 minutes and then afterwards they let you choose between a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis CD case or a Darkwatch T-Shirt as a gift.  I was looking forward to this game until I played it.  Granted I will still buy it, but I will most likely buy it used over a year after it's release date to make the price match the quality of the game.  Worse than the Resident Evil: Gun Survivor series.

Super Puzzle Fighter II X HD

Didn't play, but it looked as fun as back in the day.

Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition Championship

I won the I didn't.  I didn't even participate...

Mega Man 20th Anniversary

Just thought you guys and gals would appreciate the artwork, although the picture is somewhat blurry.


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