Square Store Booth

Square should be ashamed of themselves for their booth this year.  It was just a large collection of items for sale that have been available online for a while now.  The items that were really worth buying were not for sale.  They did not even have any demos up for fans to test out their upcoming games.  I was extremely disappointed, but not surprised that they would do this to their non-Japanese fans.  Nothing like last year's booth.

Here's the order form you had to fill out to purchase any items.

Items For Sale


They sold out of most things by the end of the final day, which makes their booth just a quick buck and a shameless promotion for the opening of their USA online store.  Not only that, but the Final Fantasy III set, which they are making a big deal about by making it only available online through their store, isn't even the complete set.  The set only has 5 figures, while the Japanese release has 7.  Japan gets more, real shocker...

Items Not For Sale


Now these are some items that I, and MANY others, would love to buy, but unfortunately, they were not for sale.  The Lightning figure from Final Fantasy XIII, a set of small Final Fantasy IV figures and a large figure of Judge Magister Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII.  Funny thing is that the Final Fantasy XIII figure, Lightning, has been around for well over a year now, don't you agree that it's about time they add some color to it?

Promotional Videos

Sorry about the quality of these images, Square did not permit the screen to be filmed or photographed.

Final Fantasy - PlayStation Portable

Final Fantasy II - PlayStation Portable

Final Fantasy XI Online: Wings Of The Goddess - PlayStation 2 / XBox 360 / Personal Computer

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - Dual Screen

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions - PlayStation Portable

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Ring Of Fates - Dual Screen

Items We Took Home

They had a little stamp hunt going that ended with getting a random item.  I received a magnet, while my wife recieved a Square-Enix Members badge and an orange Slime from Dragon Warrior.  My wife couldn't resist it, so she purchased an Odin figure.  We were also tempted to buy the Final Fantasy III set, but the missing 2 figures makes it not worth spending money on it.  I wish those Final Fantasy IV figures were for sale.

Let's just hope Square has a real booth next year, although they'll probably just have T-Shirt sales or something worse.


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