Final Fantasy Freedom Of Mobile Multimedia Access 900i (P900i Extras)

Built-in Background

White Mage Character Generation

Press 1 And She Waves

Press 2 And She Laughs

Press 3 And She Cries

Press 4 And She Jumps

Press 5 And She Gets Angry

Press 6 And She Nods

Press 7 And She Shakes Her Head

Press 8 And She Claps

Press 9 And She Loses Her Balance

Press 0 And She Talks

Black Mage Character Generation

Press 1 And He Waves

Press 2 And He Laughs

Press 3 And He Cries

Press 4 And He Jumps

Press 5 And He Casts A Spell

Press 6 And He Nods

Press 7 And He Shakes His Head

Press 8 And He Claps

Press 9 And He Loses His Balance

Press 0 And He Talks

Built-in Music


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*Almost half of the screen shots of the Character Generation were taken by Marcelo X, if you want to use them, please give this website credit.