Final Fantasy II Freedom Of Mobile Multimedia Access 901i (FAQ)

Final Fantasy II FOMA FAQ

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Version Information
0.0 - 4/13/2005 - Started making the FAQ
1.0 - 4/14/2005 - FAQ released

-This is the second FAQ I have written.

-Make sure you are able to view Japanese text to view it properly.

-My intention is to inform the reader of the changes made to this release of Final Fantasy, plus point out things that remained the same.

-This is not a walkthrough simply because there are many available online and they can easily be applied to this game.

-I have put a lot of work into acquiring this information and if you want to use any of it or host the FAQ, please contact me to acquire permission.

-FC = Famicom (Family Computer)
-NES = Nintendo Entertainment System
-WSC = WonderSwan Color
-PSX = PlayStation
-FOMA = Freedom Of Mobile Multimedia Access
-GBA = Game Boy Advance

-Final Fantasy II - FC - Japan - December 17, 1988
-Final Fantasy II - WSC - Japan - May 3, 2001
-Final Fantasy II - PSX - Japan - October 31, 2002
-Final Fantasy II - PSX - PAL - March 14, 2003
-Final Fantasy II - PSX - USA - April 8, 2003
-Final Fantasy II - NES - USA - December 10, 2003 (Prototype ROM Release Date)
-Final Fantasy II Advance - GBA - Japan - July 29, 2004
-Final Fantasy II Dawns of Souls - GBA - USA - November 29, 2004
-Final Fantasy II Dawns of Souls - GBA - PAL - December 3, 2004
-Final Fantasy II - FOMA - Japan - February 4, 2005

-The system that the game runs on is called FOMA.

-The cellphone models that can play this game are in the 901i series.

-The game comes pre-installed in the P901i cellphone.

-The pre-installed Final Fantasy II on the P901i is Version F201.26.

-All the other 901i models have to download the game.

-The P901i comes with an instruction manual for the game.

-The monthly cost for playing the game is 525 yen (including tax).

-The P901i version has no monthly cost.

-The release date of the P901i model was February 4, 2005.

-The download date for the N901iC model was March 4, 2005.

-The download date for the F901iC and D901i models was March 30, 2005.

-To play the game:
--press the メニュー button
--go into iアプリ (i-appli)
--pick ンフト一覧 (Software list)
--select ファイナルファンタジーII

-The game is completely in Japanese.

-The enemy sprites resemble the GBA version.

-The character sprites resemble the WSC version.

-The character portrait sprites resemble the WSC/PSX version.

-The towns and dungeons resemble the NES version but are more colorful and slightly more detailed.

-The towns and dungeons are nowhere near as detailed as the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-The overworld graphics resemble the NES version but are more colorful and slightly more detailed.

-There is no water animation.

-Everything in the item menu has an icon.

-The floors and backdrops in battles resemble the WSC, PSX and GBA versions but lacks some of the detail.

-Music is slightly better than the NES version but not as good as the WSC.

-There is no option to choose between Easy Mode and Normal Mode.

-The highest level a character can reach is 9999.

-The most MP a character could have is 999.

-The most gil you can have is over 999,999 (I haven't reached the maximum.)

-The item menu has an auto arrange option.

-When buying a weapon or armor, there are arrows indicating if it is better, equal or worse than what you have equipped.

-When buying a weapon or armor, it displays how many you have in the item menu and how many are equipped.

-When buying a weapon, armor or item, you get to choose the quantity.

-When buying an item, it displays how many you have in the item menu.

-The most individual items you can hold is 188.

-You can hold a maximum of 99 of each individual item.

-The loading screen appears when you first load the game.

-The loading screen comes up after you see the Prologue.

-The loading screen comes up when you load a saved game.

-The loading screen appears after the ending.

-The menu screen resembles the WSC version.

-Memo save is available, which means that the saved game will delete itself after you load it.

-You can save anywhere like the GBA release.

-There are a total of 3 save slots.

-All the new scenes added to the WSC version are not in the FOMA release (i.e., the Warship taking off, flying into the cyclone, etc...)

-The mini-game was removed.

-The map is accessed by holding the 0 key and pressing the action button.

-The map is very unique, unlike any of the other versions.

-The map does not have any of the features of the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-Inside of the stores, inns and churches resemble the NES version but the graphics are upgraded.

-You can't run/dash by holding down any button, the only way to run/dash is to set the game to Always Run/Dash in the Config Menu.

-Your character names can have up to 12 letters each.

-Hitting the talk button doesn't bring up a window when nothing is in front of you like the NES release.

-The character naming screen resembles the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-There are only 4 actions that can be chosen during battle:
--たたかう (Fight)
--まほう (Magic)
--アイテム (Item)
--にげる (Run)

-The characters don't have the two slots for items, there is no need for them.

-There is auto targeting in battle so you never attack a dead enemy.

-The enemy spells are not in roman numbers, unlike the English GBA release.

-The leveling up cheat works, but you can't cheat with magic and weapons as easily as the NES, WSC and PSX versions.

-The leveling up system resembles the GBA version, minus the limitations.

-The only battle to have different background music is the final battle.

-The Full Motion Video was removed.

-Portraits that appear when talking in the GBA version are not in this version.

-Flying in the airship resembles the NES and WSC versions.

-Prices in stores and inns are the same as the GBA version.

-There are no collections to unlock.

-The bosses have the same HP as the GBA version.

-The game has a Config Menu with the following options:
--カーソル位置記憶 (Cursor Memory)
--メッセージ速度 (Message Speed - 2 speeds)
--ダッシュ (Always Run/Dash - in towns and dungeons)
--振動 (Vibration)
--オートセーブ (Automatic Saving)

-The game uses Kanji, unlike the FC and WSC versions.

-The title screen resembles the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-The Prologue appears after you choose your characters and it resembles the NES version except it has some Kanji text.

-Paul does not look like the PSX version.

-There aren't battles on bridges.

-The chocobo moves really fast, making him difficult to catch.

-Just like the GBA version, there is only one Blood Sword in the game.

-The credits section of the ending is different than all the other releases.

-There is no Original Mode after finishing the game.

-Soul of Rebirth was not added.

-For more information on this game including screenshots, go to

-The Collector (
--For giving me some recommendations as to what changes to look out for.

-Square Enix Co., LTD.
--For creating Final Fantasy.


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