Final Fantasy II Freedom Of Mobile Multimedia Access 901i (FAQ)

Final Fantasy II FOMA FAQ

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Version Information
0.0 - 04/13/2005 - Started making the FAQ
1.0 - 04/14/2005 - FAQ released
1.1 - 06/21/2005 - Added, removed and modified some information
1.2 - 10/18/2005 - Added a trick and some release dates
1.3 - 08/27/2006 - Added the P901iS pre-installed version number

-This is the second FAQ I have written.

-Make sure you are able to view Japanese text to view it properly.

-My intention is to inform the reader of the changes made to this release of Final Fantasy II, plus point out things that remained the same.

-This is not a walkthrough simply because there are many available online and they can easily be applied to this game.

-I have put a lot of work into acquiring this information and if you want to use any of it or host the FAQ, please contact me to acquire permission.

-FC = Famicom (Family Computer)
-NES = Nintendo Entertainment System
-WSC = WonderSwan Color
-PSX = PlayStation
-GBA = Game Boy Advance
-FOMA = Freedom Of Mobile Multimedia Access

-Final Fantasy II - FC - Japan - December 17, 1988
-Final Fantasy II - WSC - Japan - May 3, 2001
-Final Fantasy II - PSX - Japan - October 31, 2002
-Final Fantasy II - PSX - PAL - March 14, 2003
-Final Fantasy II - PSX - USA - April 8, 2003
-Final Fantasy II - NES - USA - December 10, 2003 (Prototype ROM Release Date)
-Final Fantasy II Advance - GBA - Japan - July 29, 2004
-Final Fantasy II Dawns of Souls - GBA - USA - November 29, 2004
-Final Fantasy II Dawns of Souls - GBA - PAL - December 3, 2004
-Final Fantasy II - FOMA - Japan - February 4, 2005

-The system that the game runs on is called FOMA.

-The cellphone models that can play this game are in the 901i series.

-The game comes pre-installed in the P901i and P901iS cellphone.

-The pre-installed Final Fantasy II on the P901i is Version F201.26.

-The pre-installed Final Fantasy II on the P901iS is Version F301.00.

-All the other 901i models have to download the game.

-Both the P901i and P901iS come with an instruction manual for the game.

-The monthly cost for playing the game is 525 yen (including tax).

-The P901i and P901iS versions have no monthly cost.

-The release date of the P901i model was February 4, 2005.

-The release date of the P901iS model was June 10, 2005.

-The download date for the N901iC model was March 4, 2005.

-The download date for the F901iC and D901i models was March 30, 2005.

-The download date for the N900i, N900iS, P900i, P900iV and SH900i models was April 27, 2005.

-The download date for the SH901iC, SH901iS, N901iS and F901iS models was September 12, 2005.

-To play the game:
--press the メニュー button
--go into iアプリ (i-appli)
--pick ンフト一覧 (Software list)
--select ファイナルファンタジーII

-The game is completely in Japanese.

-The enemy sprites resemble the GBA version.

-The character sprites resemble the WSC version.

-The character portrait sprites resemble the WSC/PSX version.

-The towns and dungeons resemble the NES version but are more colorful and slightly more detailed.

-The towns and dungeons are nowhere near as detailed as the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-The overworld graphics resemble the NES version but are more colorful and slightly more detailed.

-There is no water animation.

-Everything in the item menu has an icon.

-The floors and backdrops in battles resemble the WSC, PSX and GBA versions but lacks some of the detail.

-Music is slightly better than the NES version but not as good as the WSC.

-The highest HP a character can have is 9999.

-The most MP a character could have is 999.

-The most gil you can have is over 999,999 (I haven't reached the maximum.)

-The item menu has an auto arrange option.

-When buying a weapon or armor, there are arrows indicating if it is better, equal or worse than what you have equipped.

-When buying a weapon or armor, it displays how many you have in the item menu and how many are equipped.

-When buying a weapon, armor or item, you get to choose the quantity.

-When buying an item, it displays how many you have in the item menu.

-The most individual items you can hold is 188.

-You can hold a maximum of 99 of each individual item.

-The loading screen appears when you first load the game.

-The loading screen comes up after you see the Prologue.

-The loading screen comes up when you load a saved game.

-The loading screen appears after the ending.

-The menu screen resembles the WSC version.

-Memo save is available, which means that the saved game will delete itself after you load it.

-You can save anywhere like the GBA release.

-There are a total of 3 save slots.

-All the new scenes added to the WSC version are not in the FOMA release (i.e., the Warship taking off, flying into the cyclone, etc...)

-The mini-game was removed.

-The map is accessed by holding the 0 key and pressing the action button.

-The map is very unique, unlike any of the other versions.

-The map does not have any of the features of the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-Inside of the stores, inns and churches resemble the NES version but the graphics are upgraded.

-You can't run/dash by holding down any button, the only way to run/dash is to set the game to Always Run/Dash in the Config Menu.

-Your character names can have up to 12 letters each.

-Hitting the talk button doesn't bring up a window when nothing is in front of you like the NES release.

-The character naming screen resembles the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-There are only 4 actions that can be chosen during battle:
--たたかう (Fight)
--まほう (Magic)
--アイテム (Item)
--にげる (Run)

-The characters don't have the two slots for items, there is no need for them.

-There is auto targeting in battle so you never attack a dead enemy.

-The enemy spells are not in roman numbers, unlike the English GBA release.

-The leveling up cheat works, but you can't cheat with magic and weapons as easily as the NES, WSC and PSX versions.

-The leveling up system resembles the GBA version, minus the limitations.

-The only battle to have different background music is the final battle.

-The Full Motion Video was removed.

-Portraits that appear when talking in the GBA version are not in this version.

-Flying in the airship resembles the NES and WSC versions.

-Prices in stores and inns are the same as the GBA version.

-There are no collections to unlock.

-The bosses have the same HP as the GBA version.

-The game has a Config Menu with the following options:
--カーソル位置記憶 (Cursor Memory)
--メッセージ速度 (Message Speed - 2 speeds)
--ダッシュ (Always Run/Dash - in towns and dungeons)
--振動 (Vibration)
--オートセーブ (Automatic Saving)

-The game uses Kanji, unlike the FC and WSC versions.

-The title screen resembles the WSC, PSX and GBA versions.

-The Prologue appears after you choose your characters and it resembles the NES version except it has some Kanji text.

-Paul does not look like the GBA version.

-There aren't battles on bridges.

-When entering Salamand, you start at the southern entrance like in the GBA release, but in the FC/NES, WSC and PSX versions, you start at the northern entrance.

-The chocobo moves really fast, making him difficult to catch.

-Just like the GBA version, there is only one Blood Sword in the game.

-The credits section of the ending is different than all the other releases.

-There is no Original Mode after finishing the game.

-Soul of Rebirth was not added.

-This version of Final Fantasy II has a built-in memo save feature that will automatically save a memo file from the last place you entered or left, but only if you exit the game or turn off the phone by using the PWR button. So, whenever you enter or exit a dungeon/floor/town/castle/etc... the game sets that as a checkpoint. With that in mind, if you are getting killed in a battle or traveled too far in the wrong direction, simply hit PWR and exit the game. Now reload the game and pick memo save. It'll start from the last checkpoint. Keep in mind that the checkpoint is now erased, so if you exit the game again, you will have to start from the last INN save point. A way around this is to go back in or out of the dungeon/stairs/castle/town/etc... that the memo save started you near. That way you'll trigger another checkpoint. Also, make sure that you do this trick before all of your characters die in battle, once all of the characters are dead, the game will automatically erase the checkpoint.

-For more information on this game including screenshots, go to

-The Collector (
--For giving me some recommendations as to what changes to look out for.

-Square Enix Co., LTD.
--For creating Final Fantasy.


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