Final Fantasy World


With the help of an anonymous source, I have come across an Indonesian magazine called Final Fantasy World: The Unofficial Fan Magazine.  After a short time I had in my hands Volume 4 and Volume 5.
Without my permission, this magazine has used my The Best and Worst of Final Fantasy section as a two part special spanning both issues that were sent to me.  Since they credited my site as the original
source, I let it slide, but I've decided to post the scans of the articles here.  I find most of those screenshots amusing simply because my name is actually on some of them.  What I can't understand is why
use The Best and Worst of Final Fantasy section at all?  That part of this site has caused me to get tons of death threats and non-stop flaming on countless forums, granted most that have talked trash
 are 100% Final Fantasy VII Fanboys, so what they say means nothing.  Still, I can only imagine the feedback that the magazine must have gotten from that the two-part article.  Enjoy.   -Marcelo X



Final Fantasy World Volume 4



Final Fantasy World Volume 5









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