Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission English Translation (Floor 20)

ユウナ : ずいぶん古いみたいだね
Yuna:  It looks pretty old, doesn't it?

パイン : ここを見つけた連中は 「ザナルカンドより古いかも」ってさ
Paine:  This is what a group of explorers discovered.  They say it's "from the time of ancient Zanarkand."

リュック : ああ マキナ派でしょ あんまり調査できてないんだよね
Rikku:  Yeah!  Probably the Machine Faction.  They just can't help themselves!  They've just got to investigate and check out everything!

ユウナ : 手紙にあったよね 「上まで行けば何かが見える」って
Yuna:  What did the letters mean by "Go up and see something interesting?"

ユウナ : 何が見えるかな?
Yuna:  What could there possibly be up there to see?

パイン : それこそ幻かも
Paine:  A fantasy?  Or an illusion?

リュック : ところでマキナ派と言えばさ
Rikku:  By the way, you've kept in touch with the Machine Faction, right?

リュック : ねえねえ ギップル元気?
Rikku:  So, um, is Gippal doing okay?

パイン : らしいよ しばらく会ってないけど
Paine:  I guess.  I haven't seen him in awhile.

ユウナ : あれ 一緒じゃないんだ?
Yuna:  Is that right?  You didn't all get together?

リュック : じゃあバラライは? ヌージは? みんなで遊ぶんじゃなかったの?
Rikku:  Well, how about Baralai?  Or Nooj?  Didn't you all make up and get back together as a team?

パイン : そうもいかないって みんな何かと忙しいから
Paine:  Yeah, but they still each have their own thing going.  The guys have all been busy.

ユウナ : 組織は解散したって聞いたけど
Yuna:  I've heard they're planning to dissolve the groups.

パイン : 青年同盟はね 新エボン党も解散が決まってる
Paine:  The Youth League has already, but New Yevon is still thinking about it.

パイン : ただエボンは図体が大きいから バラライは苦労してるみたいだ
Paine:  As usual, Yevon is one big headache.  It seems that Baralai's having trouble with them.

パイン : 急いで変えて歪んだら どうしようもないから
Paine:  They're slow to change.  They not only dislike it, but they also aren't capable of it.

パイン : 今は3人で頭下げて回ってる
Paine:  Now, the three leaders of the groups have to force them to change.

パイン : ヌージは「スピラを分裂させかけた罪滅ぼしだ」って
Paine:  Nooj said, "Spira splintered the moment Sin was destroyed, because people like us allowed it to happen."

リュック : めんどくさそ~
Rikku:  It's annoying when they talk like that!

パイン : まあ 近いうちにまとまるんじゃないかな バラライは年寄りの扱いがうまいし
Paine:  Well, it may not be as earth shattering as all that he says, but he thinks Baralai is being used by the old people just because he promised to stand by them.

ユウナ : なら もうすぐ4人で遊べるね
Yuna:  In that case, the four of you should get together and convince him otherwise, right?

パイン : しばらくおあずけかな
Paine:  It's been a long time, I don't think we can be a team like that again.

リュック : どしたの?
Rikku:  Why not?

パイン : いや やりたいことがあってさ
Paine:  It's nothing.  There's just something I need to say to them.

ユウナ : やりたいこと?
Yuna:  Say to them?

リュック : ああ
Rikku:  Sooo...

リュック : 秘密なんでしょ
Rikku:  What's the big secret?

パイン : ああ その・・・・・・まあ

ユウナ : 気にならない?
Yuna:  You don't want to talk about it?

リュック : そりゃあ あたしだっていつまでも 人のコト気にしてらんないし
Rikku:  That's all right.  I'm getting used to always being left out.  If you don't feel comfortable...

ユウナ : それもそっか
Yuna:  Yes, that's right.

人のコト気にしてばっかじゃ いけないんだけどね
Rikku:  After all this time, we're not allowed to see her feelings.  But, I still want to know, okay?


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