Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission English Translation (Floor 30)

リュック : なに?
Rikku:  What?

ユウナ : 不思議だと思わない?
Yuna:  Don't you find it magical?

ユウナ : ビサイドから遠く離れてるのに 同じ夕日なんだ
Yuna:  I've been away from Besaid too long now.  I wonder if he's watching the same sunset...

リュック : ・・・・・・おんなじ だねえ
Rikku:  The same......huh?

ユウナ : でもね 同じに見えても 毎日違う顔してるんだよ
Yuna:  But you know, even though we watch the same things, everyday, it's with a new perspective.

リュック : そお?
Rikku:  Is that sooo?

ユウナ : 私も最近気づいたんだけどね
Yuna:  It's just that......nowadays, it hurts to be away from him.

Rikku:  Ooohhhhh......

パイン : ユウナは まだビサイドに?
Paine:  So, Yuna, you're still in Besaid?

リュック : そうそう 結局カモメ団に入る前に 戻っちゃったんだよ
Rikku:  Yup yup!  But after a while, I know she'll get tired of it and return to the Gullwings!

ユウナ : そんなことないよ
Yuna:  That's not going to happen!

ユウナ : あのころは いなくなった人のことばかり 考えてたんだ
Yuna:  Those time when he was gone, my life was so mixed up and lonely.

ユウナ : そういうの 変えたくて 島を飛び出したけど・・・・・・
Yuna:  But it all changed in that moment when we came flying back to the island......

ユウナ : 今は もう忙しくしなくていいから 立ち止まって ぼーっとしてていいの
Yuna:  Now, I'm so preoccupied with him, I wouldn't leave for the world!  We've been so happy and peaceful, I feel as though I want time to stand still for us.

パイン : のんびりしてるんだ
Paine:  The relaxed, hassle-free life, huh?

Yuna:  Vidina's the center of attention right now.  Everyday there's something to do.

Yuna:  Oh!  And he's already grown his first tooth!

Rikku:  Is Daddy as befuddled as ever?

Yuna:  Lulu was in shock.  She wanted to tell him right away!

Rikku:  Didn't Wakka just see it?

Yuna:  Well, you know Wakka...

Rikku:  So, you haven't been lonely then?

Yuna:  Well, not since he got here.

Rikku:  I still think you’re wasting your time staying on that island and all, though.

Rikku:  You’re almost twenty.

Rikku:  You’ve got to live while you’re still young, you know?

ユウナ : 今は いいや 変にあさったりしたくないんだ
Yuna:  Now that I look back on it, I must've looked so clumsy in my impatience to reach him...

パイン : やりたいことがみつかるまで?
Paine:  Have you found everything you were looking for then?

ユウナ : えーと
Yuna:'s not exactly that...

ユウナ : みつからなくても大丈夫って 思うんだよね
Yuna:  I've found what I was searching for but I haven't done everything yet.

ユウナ : うまく言えないんだけど
Yuna:  I can't express what I mean in words......but do you understand?

パイン : ごめん
Paine:  Sorry.

Rikku:  Well, I don't get it......

リュック : ユウナ これからのこと ちゃんと考えた方がいいんじゃない
Rikku:  Yunie, you're sure not being clear!  Things sound like they're gonna get more and more complicated!

ユウナ : かもね
Yuna:  If you say so, I guess?

ま 何も変わらない方が不自然かな
Paine:  Well, it would be unnatural if nothing ever changed.

Alternative Text

(Starting from line 15 above)

Paine:  The relaxed, hassle-free life, huh?

Yuna:  It's because of him.

リュック:うわ! 彼だって!
Rikku:  Oooooh!!  Gossip time!  Tell us all about him!

リュック:それでどうよ どうなのよ?
Rikku:  It sounds serious!  What'cha been doing, hmmm?

Yuna:  Doing?  What do you mean?  ...Just normal things...

Paine:  For example?

Rikku:  Yunie?

Yuna:  What?

Paine:  So...?

ユウナ:あ ごめん
Yuna:  Oh!  I'm so sorry!

Rikku:  Uh-huh...

リュック:あたしがいくら誘ったって つきあってくれないワケだよ
Rikku:  How come you've never invited me over, huh?  Maybe there's a reason you didn't want me to join you...

Paine:  You jealous?

Rikku:  What gave me away?

リュック:でもさ アイツも帰ってきたのに ずっと島にいるなんて もったいなくない?
Rikku:  But, I still can't believe how that guy just returned to the island that day!  It was so incredible!

Rikku:  And the airship almost crashed into him when we flew in, and you just jumped off!

ユウナ:今は いいや 変にあさったりしたくないんだ
Yuna:  Now that I look back on it, I must've looked so clumsy in my impatience to reach him...

(Continued on line 27 above)


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