Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission English Translation (Floor 60)

パイン : いやなこと思い出してさ
Paine:  It's nothing...Just remembering.

パイン : 寺院の追手から逃げ切ったと思ったら いきなりヌージに撃たれて・・・・・・
Paine:  When we were being pursued by the temples, we were cut off for what we knew.  Then, suddenly, Nooj shot us.

パイン : 気を失う前に 最後に見たのが あんな夕焼けだった
Paine:  I remember the feeling of loss I had, thinking that the last thing I'd ever see was that sunsetting sky.

パイン : あの時 あいつはシューインに あやつられていたんだ
Paine:  At that time, he was being manipulated, controlled by Shuyin.

パイン : そのあと正気に戻ると 私たちを手当てして アルベド族に預けたんだって
Paine:  Coldly, he piled what was left of us close together on the ground.  We needed medical help badly.  For some reason, he kept his distance from the Al Bhed who had arrived to help us.

パイン : そいつらは寺院の目をくらますために 私たちを別々に運んだ・・・・・・
Paine:  To keep us away from the temple's prying eyes, they separated us, carrying each one of us away for treatment.  After that, we just had to pick up the pieces and start new lives full of regret......

ユウナ : ヌージさんに聞いたの?
Yuna:  Have you talked to Nooj about it?

パイン : もう水に流したはずでも ときどき思い出す
Paine:  That's all water under the bridge now, just a heart-pounding memory.

パイン : 仲間がバラバラになった夕暮れとか そのあとの長い夜とか
Paine:  My friend and I were separated, scattered that night at dusk.  Since then, I've endured many long nights...

リュック : あたしも
Rikku:  Me, too.

リュック : ほら 初めてザナルカンドが見えた時
Rikku:  You know, for me, it was the first time I saw Zanarkand.

リュック : このまま進んだら ユウナ死んじゃうって 思ったし・・・・・・
Rikku:  I wanted to hold onto that night.  I didn't want Yuna to die.  That's all I could think about......

リュック : だからって ユウナが行くって決めてるのに 無理やり邪魔するのもヤだったし
Rikku:  But then, Yuna, you decided to go on.  There was no way I could stop you.  It wasn't my place to interfere.

リュック : どうすればいいのか 考えても考えても わかんなくって・・・・・・半泣きで夕焼け見てた
Rikku:  What was the point of it all?  Thinking and thinking but not understanding......Half of me wanted to cry when I saw the sun rise that day.

ユウナ : うん 私だって
Yuna:  Yes, I felt the same way.

ユウナ : 究極召喚のこと なんにも知らなかったから みんなと一緒に歩くのも これで――
Yuna:  It was my sacred duty, the Summoner's pilgrimage.  I didn't know everything about it, but everyone was walking with me.  That was...

最後かもしれないだろ? だから ぜんぶ話しておきたいんだ
Tidus:  This may be our last chance?  So I want to tell you everything I want to say.

リュック : ねえ 今のあたしたちは――
Rikku:  Hey. but now we're......

ユウナ : なに?
Yuna:  What?

リュック : ・・・・・・なんでもない
Rikku:  Never mind.


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