Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission English Translation (FAQ)

Last Mission English Translation

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Version Information
0.0 - 02/28/2004 - Started making the FAQ
1.0 - 12/25/2005 - FAQ released

-This is the fourth FAQ I have written.

-Make sure you are able to view Japanese text to view it properly.

-This is not a walkthrough, just a translation of the conversations.

-I have put a lot of work into acquiring this information and if you want to use any of it or host the FAQ, please contact me to acquire permission.

About Last Mission
Last Mission is part of Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission. It can be played even if you did not finish Final Fantasy X-2 International. Also, Depending on whether or not you load a save game from Final Fantasy X-2, you'll have a full or partial intro plus floor thirty will either discuss Wakka and Lulu's baby or instead talk about Tidus and Yuna's relationship. The game has a boss every twenty floors and conversations every ten floors.

Release Date
-Japanese - February 19, 2004

*Note: All lines in parentheses are narration, brackets are not spoken.


(Yuna: Hey, I've always imagined us coming here again together, right?)

Yuna: Eh!? 

Rikku: What's this? 

Yuna: What are you doing here Rikku!? 

Rikku: That's exactly what I was asking myself about you! 

Rikku: Ah! 

Yuna: You got one too Rikku? 

Rikku: That's what it says! 

Rikku: But it doesn't say anything on who its from...It might even be a prank, but for some reason, I don't think so. 

Rikku: I'm glad I came! 

Rikku: Yuna! It's been so long! How've you been? 

Yuna: Fine. 

(Rikku: Always, I've been thinking about getting back together with you! But I've been doing so many things--all over the world!)

Rikku: Next row of the usual stands, in front of the East Block bleachers, fifth row from the right. 

Paine: Namely, right here. 

Rikku: Wow!!! 

Paine: Good to see you. 

Yuna: And you got one too, Paine? 

Paine: So it seems. 

Yuna: Has it really been three months? 

Paine: Just about. 

Rikku: Wh-y haven't my 2 crewmates kept in touch, huh? 

Rikku: Well, we can make up for it now! 

(Paine: However suspicious the reasons, we have returned.)

Rikku: Welcome back! 

Yuna: ......I-I'm here. 

Paine: And Brother...? 

Rikku: Buddy and him are out shopping. 

Rikku: But never mind them. The new letter! Yuna, read! Read! 

Yuna: Right. 

Yuna: "Meet me at Yadonoki." 

Yuna: "You must use your own strength to reach the top. There, you will see something interesting." 

Rikku: That's it? 

Yuna: Looks like it. 

Rikku: It said Yadonoki...... 

Paine: It's said this Yadonoki Tower outclasses anything else. 

Paine: Only recently were these ancient ruins discovered. I've heard it's a pretty big place. 

Rikku: Well then, let's go! Let's go! Paine, you're welcome to pilot the ship! 

Paine: What? 

Paine: If Brother finds out, he's gonna be upset. 

Rikku: It's my ship, too! 

Yuna: Yes, it's decided! 

Rikku: Yeah! 

Yuna: "Yu" 

Rikku: "Ri" 

Paine: "Pa" 

Rikku: Launching! 
Yuna: Prepare sequence! 

Yuna & Rikku: Ummm...... 

(Paine: Not a very promising start.)

Yuna: Big, isn't it? 

Rikku: Sooo! Can't we just go by airship? 

Yuna: That's not exactly what was meant. 

Rikku: That again? 

Paine: Take a look at the letter. 

Paine: It says: "You must use your own strength to reach the top. There, you will see something interesting." 

Paine: That point is clear. 

(Rikku: Why am I getting a bad feeling about this?)

--Floor 10

Paine: Tired out? 

Yuna: A little bit. It's been a while since I've done this sort of thing. 

Yuna: Are you alright? 

Rikku: Easy street. 

Rikku: I'm different than you here! Everyday I fly around in circles, here, there and everywhere! 

Yuna: I'm tired of that sort of life! 

Paine: Nowadays, everyone's on the hunt to discover sunken machina. 

Rikku: Yup yup! 

Yuna: Really? Is Shinra helping out, too? 

Rikku: Ahhh, now that you mention it... 

Rikku: Well, all I know is that Shinra left the ship. He got together with Rin and what do you think all that research they're doing is for? 

Rikku: "I know everything" is all he said in that smug way of his. I've seen him around all over the place. 

Rikku: Anyways, I've been diving for ancient ruins on the ocean floor, going back and forth from mission to mission. 

Rikku: Yup yup! And Pops is on the scene again with some crazy business scheme that he says is sure fire. 

Rikku: "The Gagazet Hot Springs is the hot spot to make money! Then we can rebuild Home!" he keeps saying. 

Rikku: Then, Brother went and told Pops that he couldn't put up with him anymore and he stopped helping out. That's the reason that Pops needed a new business partner. 

Rikku: By now, Pops must be saying "Welcome to O'aka's" and whining about losing money and having no customers. 

Rikku: And you know how LeBlanc has this strange idea that she can do whatever suits her, right? 

Rikku: Well, this time she's decided that Ronso land suits her best. But, Kimahri has no intention of negotiating with that annoying woman. 

Rikku: Now, the situation is getting pretty intense. She's even made preliminary arrangements to move in! 

Rikku: "Kimahri is worried," he said. But she just replied "Anything goes for LeBlanc!" or something to that effect. 

Rikku: Darn! Quit fooling around! 

Rikku: And get this, Clasko's being a total loser as usual. "Oh, why do these things always happen to me?" he keeps saying. Too bad he can't keep a pair of those birds. 

Rikku: So the Kinderguardians got back together on a new mission to protect them. 

Rikku: Enough already! Enough! It's not my job to pick through all this! Makes you feel crazy, doesn't it? 

Rikku: Oh, just one more thing before I'm done, Tobli contacted me and said, "I don't have a singing group for my next show! Oh my, oh my!" 

Rikku: He said no one's voice could compare to Yuna's. He and Barkeep got together and they kept talking about how special you are. 

Yuna: Y-you've been up to so many things, haven't you? 

Paine: Well, that's just the way Rikku is. 

Rikku: Helpful? 

Rikku: What can I say? I can't help it if I'm welcome everywhere. I'm totally popular! 

Yuna: Yes, you are. You're so busy, your head must be spinning! 

Rikku: You're just lazy, aren't you? 

Yuna: What was that? 

(Yuna: I wonder if our meeting up again isn't such a good idea?)

--Floor 20

Yuna: It looks pretty old, doesn't it? 

Paine: This is what a group of explorers discovered. They say it's "from the time of ancient Zanarkand." 

Rikku: Yeah! Probably the Machine Faction. They just can't help themselves! They've just got to investigate and check out everything! 

Yuna: What did the letters mean by "Go up and see something interesting?" 

Yuna: What could there possibly be up there to see? 

Paine: A fantasy? Or an illusion? 

Rikku: By the way, you've kept in touch with the Machine Faction, right? 

Rikku: So, um, is Gippal doing okay? 

Paine: I guess. I haven't seen him in awhile. 

Yuna: Is that right? You didn't all get together? 

Rikku: Well, how about Baralai? Or Nooj? Didn't you all make up and get back together as a team? 

Paine: Yeah, but they still each have their own thing going. The guys have all been busy. 

Yuna: I've heard they're planning to dissolve the groups. 

Paine: The Youth League has already, but New Yevon is still thinking about it. 

Paine: As usual, Yevon is one big headache. It seems that Baralai's having trouble with them. 

Paine: They're slow to change. They not only dislike it, but they also aren't capable of it. 

Paine: Now, the three leaders of the groups have to force them to change. 

Paine: Nooj said, "Spira splintered the moment Sin was destroyed, because people like us allowed it to happen." 

Rikku: It's annoying when they talk like that! 

Paine: Well, it may not be as earth shattering as all that he says, but he thinks Baralai is being used by the old people just because he promised to stand by them. 

Yuna: In that case, the four of you should get together and convince him otherwise, right? 

Paine: It's been a long time, I don't think we can be a team like that again. 

Rikku: Why not? 

Paine: It's nothing. There's just something I need to say to them. 

Yuna: Say to them? 

Rikku: Sooo... 

Rikku: What's the big secret? 


Yuna: You don't want to talk about it? 

Rikku: That's all right. I'm getting used to always being left out. If you don't feel comfortable... 

Yuna: Yes, that's right. 

(Rikku: After all this time, we're not allowed to see her feelings. But, I still want to know, okay?)

--Floor 30

Rikku: What? 

Yuna: Don't you find it magical? 

Yuna: I've been away from Besaid too long now. I wonder if he's watching the same sunset... 

Rikku: The same......huh? 

Yuna: But you know, even though we watch the same things, everyday, it's with a new perspective. 

Rikku: Is that sooo? 

Yuna: It's just that......nowadays, it hurts to be away from him. 

Rikku: Ooohhhhh...... 

Paine: So, Yuna, you're still in Besaid? 

Rikku: Yup yup! But after a while, I know she'll get tired of it and return to the Gullwings! 

Yuna: That's not going to happen! 

Yuna: Those time when he was gone, my life was so mixed up and lonely. 

Yuna: But it all changed in that moment when we came flying back to the island...... 

Yuna: Now, I'm so preoccupied with him, I wouldn't leave for the world! We've been so happy and peaceful, I feel as though I want time to stand still for us. 

Paine: The relaxed, hassle-free life, huh? 

Yuna: Vidina's the center of attention right now. Everyday there's something to do. 

Yuna: Oh! And he's already grown his first tooth! 

Rikku: Is Daddy as befuddled as ever? 

Yuna: Lulu was in shock. She wanted to tell him right away! 

Rikku: Didn't Wakka just see it? 

Yuna: Well, you know Wakka... 

Rikku: So, you haven't been lonely then? 

Yuna: Well, not since he got here. 

Rikku: I still think you’re wasting your time staying on that island and all, though. 

Rikku: You’re almost twenty. 

Rikku: You’ve got to live while you’re still young, you know? 

Yuna: Now that I look back on it, I must've looked so clumsy in my impatience to reach him... 

Paine: Have you found everything you were looking for then? 

Yuna:'s not exactly that... 

Yuna: I've found what I was searching for but I haven't done everything yet. 

Yuna: I can't express what I mean in words......but do you understand? 

Paine: Sorry. 

Rikku: Well, I don't get it...... 

Rikku: Yunie, you're sure not being clear! Things sound like they're gonna get more and more complicated! 

Yuna: If you say so, I guess? 

(Paine: Well, it would be unnatural if nothing ever changed.)

<<<Alternative Text>>>

*Starting from line 15 of Floor 30

Paine: The relaxed, hassle-free life, huh?

Yuna: It's because of him.

Rikku: Oooooh!! Gossip time! Tell us all about him!

Rikku: It sounds serious! What'cha been doing, hmmm?

Yuna: Doing? What do you mean? ...Just normal things...

Paine: For example?

Rikku: Yunie?

Yuna: What?

Paine: So...?

Yuna: Oh! I'm so sorry!

Rikku: Uh-huh...

Rikku: How come you've never invited me over, huh? Maybe there's a reason you didn't want me to join you...

Paine: You jealous?

Rikku: What gave me away?

Rikku: But, I still can't believe how that guy just returned to the island that day! It was so incredible!

Rikku: And the airship almost crashed into him when we flew in, and you just jumped off!

Yuna: Now that I look back on it, I must've looked so clumsy in my impatience to reach him...

*Continued on line 27 of Floor 30

--Floor 40

Rikku: ...You should've seen it! Everyone's eyes were glued on the stage, waving flags and banner! That's when a guard discovered me. 

Rikku: And that's when I went punch, punch, punch! 

Paine: Yeah, you've always had a talent for disaster. 

Rikku: We just knew that LeBlanc was up to no good. Paine figured out it was some scheme of hers. 

Yuna: She's a big, fat crook, wouldn't you say? 

Rikku: Yuna! I never thought I'd hear you talk like that! 

Yuna: Ah...well...nowadays I'm in the company of a seriously passionate person. 

Yuna: I'm so happy, you know? 

Paine: Really, that must be why he came back. 

Rikku: Huh? 

Paine: Much like when we were together, relying one each other for every little thing. 

Paine: Why didn't we write to each other? 

Yuna: It just never came up. It doesn't mean we can't rely on each other anymore. 

Rikku: I almost wrote to you, Paine. But then I got really busy and didn't. 

Rikku: But, all I had to write about was past stuff. There's nothing new going on in my life. And you don't want to hear about that, right? 

Paine: Rikku, what is it you're trying to say? 

Rikku: There's too many things... 

Paine: Yeah, you can be seen sticking your neck out here, there and everywhere. 

Paine: Well, listen up. Rikku, what is it you want to be? 

Rikku: Ooh? 

Rikku: Let me think...well...? 

Yuna: Rikku? 

Rikku: It's complicated. 

Rikku: I'm trying to decide what to say......But I can't think what, okay? 

Rikku: So what! I feel like I'm burning myself out at both ends without budging an inch forward! I don't want to be busy but I'm not able to relax! 

Rikku: But Yuna is doing just that! 

Yuna: What? 

Rikku: Spending everyday just the same in Besaid in a lazy blur! Taking it easy, as if time were standing still! 

Yuna: Lazy blur!? 

Yuna: Well, Rikku, didn't you choose to be flying around all over? Anyway, right now, I'm doing just fine! 

Rikku: Going where? Doing what? 

Yuna: It's...we...we watch the ocean together. We take lots and lots of walks together, I invent tons of different meals to cook for him... 

Rikku: That's pretty boring! 

Yuna: If being relaxed and carefree is boring, then that's fine with me! Rikku, why can't you understand? 

Rikku: I don't understand! Why am I the only one who doesn't get it? 

Yuna: Just because you're too busy, Rikku, doesn't give you the right to put down my life with lies! 

Rikku: What was that? 

Paine: Get a hold of yourselves! Look, people each have their own way. 

Yuna: Yes, but if people are good friends, they shouldn't say things like that to each other. 

Rikku: Oh! And I suppose it doesn't count that Paine can just say anything she wants to me! 

Yuna: Rikku, we both care about you! 

Rikku: Oh, really! You found what you were looking for, so now you shut me out! 

Yuna: It was completely your decision to... 

Paine: Enough! You both know that's not true! 

Paine: After all this, just to get us back together......makes you wonder what for. 

Yuna: Rikku... 

Rikku: It was you? 

Paine: That's enough already! 

(Yuna: Maybe this time, it was a mistake for us to get back together, wasn't it?)

--Floor 50

Rikku: Awww, I wonder if whatever's at the top will be worth it. 

Yuna: It will probably be the best part yet. 

Rikku: We've just gotta get up there! What do you think is up there to see? 

Yuna: We could ask the one who wrote the letters. 

Rikku: That's the part I don't get! If we don't know who, then we don't know what to ask either, right? 

Paine: Who do you think it is? 

Rikku: Maybe together the three of us can figure out who it is, huh? 

Yuna: I think it's LeBlanc. 

Rikku: She'd definitely be more showy about it...I myself have always been suspicious of that jerk, Rin. 

Paine: Both of you got it wrong. 

Paine: What about me? 

Rikku: What!?
Yuna: Such a thing!? 

Paine: What can I say......? Everything I can think of now seems petty and ridiculous. 

Paine: When we all parted, I journeyed alone for a long time. 

Paine: I didn't know how lonely a life like that could be. I wanted to share this with you. I didn't want to come here alone because......someone who's alone is incomplete. 

Paine: But the three of us working together can make things complete. Why can't we recapture that? 

Yuna: It's good to hear you say that. 

Rikku: The thing is, if we keep heading to the top, will there really be something to see there? 

Paine: Yeah, that's what I've been thinking, too. 

Rikku: We've been set up! Darn it! 

Paine: Sorry... 

Paine: It's been so long that I just thought it would be more pleasant if we figured it out as a team again. 

Paine: I don't want our friendship to just be buried under the times, stuck in the past. Those are the things that break friends apart. 

Rikku: It hasn't been that long......only like three months. 

Paine: Why then? Why can't we go back to those times? 

Yuna: Hold on. Up until now, I've thought we all wanted to move on. After all, we can't go back again. 

Rikku: Are you afraid to? This is your way of saying that, isn't it? 

Rikku: Maybe we're all scared. I think I'm starting to understand now. 

Paine: Whatever it is, let's go. Let's go see who may be waiting for us. 

--Floor 60

Paine: It's nothing...Just remembering. 

Paine: When we were being pursued by the temples, we were cut off for what we knew. Then, suddenly, Nooj shot us. 

Paine: I remember the feeling of loss I had, thinking that the last thing I'd ever see was that sunsetting sky. 

Paine: At that time, he was being manipulated, controlled by Shuyin. 

Paine: Coldly, he piled what was left of us close together on the ground. We needed medical help badly. For some reason, he kept his distance from the Al Bhed who had arrived to help us. 

Paine: To keep us away from the temple's prying eyes, they separated us, carrying each one of us away for treatment. After that, we just had to pick up the pieces and start new lives full of regret...... 

Yuna: Have you talked to Nooj about it? 

Paine: That's all water under the bridge now, just a heart-pounding memory. 

Paine: My friend and I were separated, scattered that night at dusk. Since then, I've endured many long nights... 

Rikku: Me, too. 

Rikku: You know, for me, it was the first time I saw Zanarkand. 

Rikku: I wanted to hold onto that night. I didn't want Yuna to die. That's all I could think about...... 

Rikku: But then, Yuna, you decided to go on. There was no way I could stop you. It wasn't my place to interfere. 

Rikku: What was the point of it all? Thinking and thinking but not understanding......Half of me wanted to cry when I saw the sun rise that day. 

Yuna: Yes, I felt the same way. 

Yuna: It was my sacred duty, the Summoner's pilgrimage. I didn't know everything about it, but everyone was walking with me. That was... 

(Tidus: This may be our last chance? So I want to tell you everything I want to say.)

Rikku: Hey. but now we're...... 

Yuna: What? 

Rikku: Never mind. 

--Floor 70

Yuna: Almost there. 

Paine: Probably. 

Paine: What's with you? 

Rikku: It's a secret. 

Yuna: Well, let me try to guess then. 

Rikku: You won't get the reason why. 

Yuna: Is that so? 

Yuna: We haven't been together for a while. Paine and I have changed. We haven't stood still. 

Yuna: But now, even though we're together again, we seem even farther apart. The gap between us has widened... 

Yuna: I think the three of us had the same feeling, we wanted to come back together. 

Yuna: Am I right? 

Rikku: How did you know? 

Yuna: I felt the same way. 

Rikku: You mean it? 

Paine: Indeed. 

Yuna: Even I wanted to. 

Yuna: Those times when we were fighting battles, even if we were hurt or troubled, the idea of togetherness never felt wrong. 

Yuna: I don't know brought us together then. Some might call it coincidence. I'm just glad that luck smiled upon us... 

Yuna: Right from the start, the three of us never stood still. 

Paine: That's how it was being a trio. Then, when we just separated so suddenly, I felt alone. How did it make you feel? 

Yuna: Same as you, a little homesick. 

Paine: People can never say what they really feel. 

Yuna: So Rikku, that's what you felt, too. I understand now. I'm so relieved. 

Rikku: That's right...... 

Rikku: That's right! 

Rikku: Yeah, why did that happen? 

Rikku: What, where, and who do I go with? That's what I thought then. Everyone just disappeared. What was I supposed to think then, huh? 

Paine: If you felt that way, wouldn't it have been simple for you to write us? 

Rikku: But I didn't know what I was feeling! 

Yuna: Rikku, but why did you just, out of nowhere, get angry with us? 

Rikku: It just seemed like I couldn't think of anything else to do! It made me feel sick inside! 

Paine: Again and again, we're still just running. 

Paine: As if we don't really know each other. 

Yuna: But we should never quarrel like that! 

Yuna: From now on, let's agree to keep in touch. We have a lot to talk about, okay? 

Yuna: So! Let's go check it out! 

Yuna: It'll be us from now on. 

Yuna: We'll go together and see what we'll find there! 

--Floor 80

(Yuna: Hey, I believe we'll always be together.)

(Rikku: Whenever we're together, I think we can change the universe. We can face anything.)

(Paine: We won't just sit still.)


(Rikku: Why did I feel that we had lost what we had?)

(Yuna: How could I have thought that reuniting was a bad idea?)

(Rikku: But I guess people can't help but have silly thoughts sometimes, huh?)

(Paine: Well, it wouldn't be quite natural if we didn't. Nothing can change peoples' ways.)

(Yuna: The times we spent together weren't wrong.)

(Paine: After all, nothing could destroy our bond.)

Rikku: Going in, then? 

Rikku: Hey! What do you think we'll see? 

Yuna: Are you still worried? 

Paine: So what do you want to do? Turn back? 

Rikku: Not a chance! 

Yuna: Well, then...... 

Yuna: Yu 

Rikku: Ri 

Paine: Pa 

YuRiPa: Let's go! 

Rikku: Let's have a look-see...... 

Rikku: Guess it's busted, huh? 

Paine: Even this has an expiration date. 

Yuna: So what we have here is a... 

YuRiPa: Dud? 

Yuna: Are you upset because it's broken? 

Rikku: I'll say! Darn it! 

Rikku: We went through all the trouble of climbing this big, tall tower, with fiends all chasing us around in circles! 

Rikku: During all that fighting, I was thinking about who wrote that letter! What'd all that stupid junk in it mean? 

Rikku: Dr. P! 

Rikku: Did you know that there would be nothing to see once we got up here? 

Paine: Hmmm? What? Can't you see it? 

Yuna: What? 

Paine: I can see it clearly. 

Paine: See it? 

Rikku: I can only 

Yuna: Broken parts? 

(Yuna: Now, it feels like we haven't been apart at all. Looking at this, I remember how it was to feel broken.)

(Rikku: Those times that I walked alone are gone. I know now that all those lonely places I went to were only lonely because I was by myself.)

(Paine: But why didn't I know it then?)

(Paine: Next time we're together, we won't just part. We won't meet by chance and lose each other again...)

(Rikku: I remember through all the battles in the past, the three of us sill laughed together and held on tight, didn't we?)

(Paine: Whenever it comes, whatever the future holds for each one of us, we can always go back to these days and look back fondly.)

(Paine: Even if we are far apart, we can dream of this one moment in time we spent together.)

(Yuna: Yes, surely, we'll have this for always.)

[Someday, somewhere in the sky... may we meet again]

-Floor 20 - オチュー

-Floor 40 - ディフェンダー

-Floor 60 - アルテマウェポン

-Floor 80 - インテルゲル

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