Final Fantasy Legend II
サ・ガ2 秘宝伝説
Final Fantasy Legend II The Search For Truth

せかいをつくった ふるきかみがみの
のこしていった いさん
それは すばらしいちからの シンボル
ひほうをめぐって おおくのものがあらそい
あるものは ひほうをてにし
また あるものは やぶれさりきえていった

そしていま あらたな たたかいの
ものがたりが はじまろうとしている・・・・・・


The symbol of
great power.
The legacy of
the ancient gods
who made
this world.

Many fought for
the mighty power.
Some won
and some failed.

another legend
of bravery is
about to begin....

Game Boy

Screen Shots

Japanese Contents
Japanese Box (Back)
United States Box
United States Cartridge
Sunsoft Re-release Box
Sunsoft Re-release Cartridge
Sunsoft Re-release Instructions

Japanese Release Date - December 14, 1990
United States Release Date - November 14, 1991

Game Boy (Early United States Logo)

Prototype Box


* This game is not a real Final Fantasy game because it's part of the Sa・Ga series, it had to maintain the Final Fantasy Legend title because of it's predecessor.
* This game was re-released by Sunsoft.

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